Understanding your needs better...


Design Development

  • SK/DA

  • Concept Design

  • Building Design

  • 3D's Visualisation 

  • Feasibility study

  • Due Diligence



Design Drafting Detailing

  • BA /CD

  • Council approval

  • Quality drafting

  • Fast turn around

  • Competitive rate

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Building Construction

  • SD/LSG

  • Roof Truss Detailing

  • Floor Joist Detailing

  • Wall Frames Detailing

  • Residential & Commercial

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Design Principles

Marlon’s design process typifies the clientele’s sense of belonging, where their needs are heard and drawn. His role as a Project Designer is to transform the client’s dream into built reality by using his skills in design that echo creativity, function and sustainability; meeting modernism and timeless classic inspirations.